/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/create_atmos_zone Create an atmos zone (Think ZAS), similiar to [proc/detect_room] but it ignores walls and turfs which are non-[atmos_can_pass]
/proc/require_area_resort A list of all machinery tied to an area along with the area itself. key=area name,value=list(area,list of machinery) we use this to keep track of what areas are affected by the blueprints & what machinery of these areas needs to be reconfigured accordingly
/proc/get_sorted_areas Returns a sorted version of GLOB.areas, by name
/proc/get_first_open_turf_in_area Iterates over all turfs in the target area and returns the first non-dense one
/proc/mobs_in_area_type Takes: list of area types Returns: all mobs that are in an area type