/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/get_nested_locs Returns a list of all locations (except the area) the movable is within.
/proc/can_see Step-towards method of determining whether one atom can see another. Similar to viewers() note: this is a line of sight algorithm, view() does not do any sort of raycasting and cannot be emulated by it accurately
/proc/get_cardinal_dir Get the cardinal direction between two atoms
/proc/get_pixel_distance Finds the distance between two atoms, in pixels centered = FALSE counts from turf edge to edge centered = TRUE counts from turf center to turf center of course mathematically this is just adding world.icon_size on again
/proc/check_wall_item Check if there is already a wall item on the turf loc floor_loc = floor tile in front of the wall dir_toward_wall = direction from the floor tile in front of the wall towards the wall check_external = truthy if we should be checking against items coming out of the wall, rather than visually on top of the wall.
/proc/random_step Forces the atom to take a step in a random direction
/proc/is_source_facing_target Compare source's dir, the clockwise dir of source and the anticlockwise dir of source To the opposite dir of the dir returned by get_dir(target,source) If one of them is a match, then source is facing target
/proc/urange ultra range (no limitations on distance, faster than range for distances > 8); including areas drastically decreases performance
/proc/spiral_range similar function to range(), but with no limitations on the distance; will search spiralling outwards from the center
/proc/get_closest_atom Returns the closest atom of a specific type in a list from a source
/proc/pick_closest_path Returns a chosen path that is the closest to a list of matches
/proc/generate_items_inside Creates new items inside an atom based on a list
/proc/get Returns the atom type in the specified loc
/proc/pass A do nothing proc
/proc/get_storage_locs Returns a list of the parents of all storage components that contain the target item