/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/is_color_dark Given a color in the format of "#RRGGBB", will return if the color is dark.
/proc/expand_three_digit_color Given a 3 character color (no hash), converts it into #RRGGBB (with hash)
/proc/split_color Given a color in the format of "#RRGGBB" or "#RRGGBBAA", gives back a 4 entry list with the number values of each
/proc/random_colour Returns a random color picked from a list, has 2 modes (0 and 1), mode 1 doesn't pick white, black or gray
/proc/invert_HTML_colour Inverts the colour of an HTML string
/proc/flash_color Flash a color on the passed mob
/proc/blend_screen_color Blends together two colors (passed as 3 or 4 length lists) using the screen blend mode Much like multiply, screen effects the brightness of the resulting color Screen blend will always lighten the resulting color, since before multiplication we invert the colors This makes our resulting output brighter instead of darker
/proc/blend_cutoff_colors Used to blend together two different color cutoffs Uses the screen blendmode under the hood, essentially just /proc/blend_screen_color But paired down and modified to work for our color range Accepts the color cutoffs as two 3 length list(0-100,...) arguments