/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/init_sprite_accessories Initial Building
/proc/init_species_list Inits GLOB.species_list. Not using GLOBAL_LIST_INIT b/c it depends on GLOB.string_lists
/proc/init_surgeries Inits GLOB.surgeries
/proc/init_hair_gradients Hair Gradients - Initialise all /datum/sprite_accessory/hair_gradient into an list indexed by gradient-style name
/proc/make_datum_reference_lists Legacy procs that really should be replaced with proper _INIT macros
/proc/init_crafting_recipes Inits crafting recipe lists
/proc/init_crafting_recipes_atoms Inits atoms used in crafting recipes
/proc/init_subtypes_w_path_keys Functions like init_subtypes, but uses the subtype's path as a key for easy access