/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/get_angle Calculate the angle between two movables and the west|east coordinate
/proc/delta_to_angle Calculate the angle produced by a pair of x and y deltas
/proc/get_angle_raw Angle between two arbitrary points and horizontal line same as /proc/get_angle
/proc/get_pixel_angle for getting the angle when animating something's pixel_x and pixel_y
/proc/get_line Get a list of turfs in a line from starting_atom to ending_atom.
/proc/get_perimeter Get a list of turfs in a perimeter given the center_atom and radius. Automatically rounds down decimals and does not accept values less than positive 1 as they dont play well with it. Is efficient on large circles but ugly on small ones Uses Jesko`s method to the midpoint circle Algorithm.
/proc/siunit_isolated Formats a number into a list representing the si unit. Access the coefficient with [SI_COEFFICIENT], and access the unit with [SI_UNIT].
/proc/display_power Format a power value in prefixed watts.
/proc/display_joules Format an energy value in prefixed joules.
/proc/display_energy Format an energy value measured in Power Cell units.
/proc/anyprob chances are 1:value. anyprob(1) will always return true
/proc/bit_count counts the number of bits in Byond's 16-bit width field, in constant time and memory!
/proc/make_tuple Returns the name of the mathematical tuple of same length as the number arg (rounded down).
/proc/at_least Takes a value, and a threshold it has to at least match returns the correctly signed value max'd to the threshold
/proc/reciprocal_add Takes two values x and y, and returns 1/((1/x) + y) Useful for providing an additive modifier to a value that is used as a divisor, such as /obj/projectile/var/speed