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CAN_IRRADIATEWhether or not it's possible for this atom to be irradiated
/proc/radiation_pulse Sends out a pulse of radiation, eminating from the source. Radiation is performed by collecting all radiatables within the max range (0 means source only, 1 means adjacent, etc), then makes their way towards them. A number, starting at 1, is multiplied by the insulation amounts of whatever is in the way (for example, walls lowering it down). If this number hits equal or below the threshold, then the target can no longer be irradiated. If the number is above the threshold, then the chance is the chance that the target will be irradiated. As a consumer, this means that max_range going up usually means you want to lower the threshold too, as well as the other way around. If max_range is high, but threshold is too high, then it usually won't reach the source at the max range in time. If max_range is low, but threshold is too low, then it basically guarantees everyone nearby, even if there's walls and such in the way, can be irradiated. You can also pass in a minimum exposure time. If this is set, then this radiation pulse will not irradiate the source unless they have been around any radioactive source for that period of time.
/proc/get_perceived_radiation_danger Gets the perceived "danger" of radiation pulse, given the threshold to the target. Returns a RADIATION_DANGER_* define, see code/__DEFINES/radiation.dm

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Whether or not it's possible for this atom to be irradiated