/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/atom/movable/screen/plane_master/parallaxContains space parallax
/atom/movable/screen/plane_master/floorContains just the floor
/atom/movable/screen/plane_master/blacknessPlane master handling byond internal blackness vars are set as to replicate behavior when rendering to other planes do not touch this unless you know what you are doing
/atom/movable/screen/plane_master/turf_lightingContains all turf lighting
/atom/movable/screen/plane_master/o_light_visualThis will not work through multiz, because of a byond bug with BLEND_MULTIPLY Bug report is up, waiting on a fix
/atom/movable/screen/plane_master/emissiveHandles emissive overlays and emissive blockers.