/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/id_trim/reaper_assassinThis file contains all the trims associated with outfits. Trim for the assassin outfit.
/datum/id_trim/mobsterTrim for the mobster outfit.
/datum/id_trim/vrTrim for VR outfits.
/datum/id_trim/vr/operativeTrim for VR outfits.
/datum/id_trim/tunnel_clownTrim for the Tunnel Clown! outfit. Has all access.
/datum/id_trim/bounty_hunterTrim for Bounty Hunters NOT hired by centcom. (?)
/datum/id_trim/bit_avatarTrim for player controlled avatars in the Virtual Domain.
/datum/id_trim/cyber_policeTrim for cyber police in the Virtual Domain.