/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/instability_meltdownA possible genetic meltdown that occurs when someone exceeds 100 genetic instability
/datum/instability_meltdown/monkeyTurns you into a monkey
/datum/instability_meltdown/paraplegicGives you brain trauma that makes your legs disfunctional and gifts you a wheelchair
/datum/instability_meltdown/corgiTurns you into a corgi
/datum/instability_meltdown/alrightDoes nothing
/datum/instability_meltdown/not_alrightGives you the same text as above but now when you're hit you take 200 times more damage
/datum/instability_meltdown/slimeTurns you into a slime
/datum/instability_meltdown/yeetMakes you phase through walls into a random direction
/datum/instability_meltdown/decloningMakes you take cell damage and gibs you after some time
/datum/instability_meltdown/organ_vomitMakes you vomit up a random organ
/datum/instability_meltdown/snailTurns you into a snail
/datum/instability_meltdown/crabTurns you into the ultimate lifeform
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/gibInstantly gibs you
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/dustDusts you
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/petrifyTurns you into a statue
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/dismemberEither dismembers you, or if unable to, gibs you
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/skeletonizeTurns you into a skeleton, with a high chance of killing you soon after
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/ceilingMakes you look up and melts out your eyes
/datum/instability_meltdown/fatal/psykerSlowly turns you into a psyker