/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/memory/keyI am affectionally titling these "key memories"
/datum/memory/key/accountYour bank account ID, can't get into it without it
/datum/memory/key/captains_spare_codeThe code to the captain's spare ID, ONLY give to the real captain.
/datum/memory/key/nuke_codeThe nuclear bomb code, for nuke ops
/datum/memory/key/quirk_allergyTracks what medicines someone with the "allergies" quirk is allergic to
/datum/memory/key/quirk_smokerTracks what brand a smoker quirk user likes
/datum/memory/key/quirk_alcoholicTracks what beverage an alcoholic quirk user likes
/datum/memory/key/traitor_uplinkWhere our traitor uplink is, and what is its code