/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/status_effect/offering/no_item_receivedThis status effect is meant only for items that you don't actually receive when offered, mostly useful for /obj/item/hand_item subtypes.
/datum/status_effect/offering/no_item_received/needs_restingThis status effect is meant only to be used for offerings that require the target to be resting (like when you're trying to give them a hand to help them up). Also doesn't require them to have their hands free (since you're not giving them anything).
/datum/status_effect/offering/no_item_received/high_fiveSubtype for high fives, so we can fake out people
/datum/status_effect/surrender_timedFor when you need to make someone be prompted for surrender, but not forever
/datum/status_effect/tinlux_lightMakes the mob luminescent for the duration of the effect.