/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/status_effect/organ_set_bonus/carpbonus of the carp: you can swim through space!
/obj/item/organ/internal/lungs/carpCarp lungs! You can breathe in space! Oh... you can't breathe on the station, you need low oxygen environments. Inverts behavior of lungs. Bypasses suffocation due to space / lack of gas, but also allows Oxygen to suffocate.
/obj/item/organ/internal/tongue/carpoccasionally sheds carp teeth, stronger melee (bite) attacks, but you can't cover your mouth anymore.
/obj/item/organ/internal/brain/carpcarp brain. you need to occasionally go to a new zlevel. think of it as... walking your dog!
/obj/item/organ/internal/heart/carpmakes you cold resistant, but heat-weak.