/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/status_effect/organ_set_bonus/goliathbonus of the goliath: you can swim through space!
/obj/item/organ/internal/eyes/night_vision/goliathgoliath eyes, simple night vision
/obj/item/organ/internal/lungs/lavaland/goliathgoliath lungs! You can breathe lavaland air mix but can't breath pure O2 from a tank anymore.
/obj/item/organ/internal/brain/goliathgoliath brain. you can't use gloves but one of your arms becomes a tendril hammer that can be used to mine!
/obj/item/organ/internal/heart/goliathwe obtain the relative direction from the bat itself to the target goliath heart gives you the ability to survive ash storms.