/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/tcgcard_deckA stack item that's not actually a stack because ORDER MATTERS with a deck of cards! The "top" card of the deck will always be the bottom card in the stack for our purposes.
/proc/loadAllCardFiles Loads all the card files
/proc/printAllCards Prints all the cards names
/proc/checkCardpacks Checks the passed type list for missing raritys, or raritys out of bounds
/proc/checkCardDatums Checks the global card list for cards that don't override all the default values of the card datum
/proc/checkCardDistribution Used to test open a large amount of cardpacks
/proc/clearCards Empty the rarity cache so we can safely add new cards
/proc/reloadAllCardFiles Reloads all card files
/proc/loadCardFile Loads the contents of a json file into our global card list