/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/turf/open/misc/asteroid/basalt/lava_land_surfaceSurface. The surface is warm, but survivable without a suit. Internals are required. The floors break to chasms, which drop you into the underground.
/turf/open/misc/asteroid/basalt/lava_land_surface/no_ruinsUsed for the lavaland icemoon ruin.
/turf/closed/mineral/volcanic/lava_land_surface/do_not_chasmA turf that can't we can't build openspace chasms on or spawn ruins in.
/turf/open/misc/asteroid/snow/icemoon/do_not_chasmExact subtype as parent, just used in ruins to prevent other ruins/chasms from spawning on top of it.