/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/initialize_starting_knowledge Returns a list of all heretic knowledge TYPEPATHS that have route set to PATH_START.
/datum/heretic_knowledge/living_heartThe Living Heart heretic knowledge.
/datum/heretic_knowledge/amber_focusAllows the heretic to craft a spell focus. They require a focus to cast advanced spells.
/datum/heretic_knowledge/codex_cicatrixCodex Cicatrixi is available at the start: This allows heretics to choose if they want to rush all the influences and take them stealthily, or Construct a codex and take what's left with more points. Another downside to having the book is strip searches, which means that it's not just a free nab, at least until you get exposed - and when you do, you'll probably need the faster drawing speed. Overall, it's a tradeoff between speed and stealth or power.