/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/init_pirate_gangs initializes the pirate gangs glob list, adding all subtypes that can roll today.
/datum/pirate_gangdatum for a pirate team that is spawning to attack the station.
/datum/pirate_gang/roguesclassic FTL-esque space pirates.
/datum/pirate_gang/silverscalesaristocrat lizards looking to hunt the serfs
/datum/pirate_gang/skeletonsundead skeleton crew looking for booty
/datum/pirate_gang/interdyneExpirienced formed employes of Interdyne Pharmaceutics now in a path of thievery and reckoning
/datum/pirate_gang/greyPrevious Nanotrasen Assitant workers fired for many reasons now looking for revenge and your bank account.
/datum/pirate_gang/irsAgents from the space I.R.S. heavily armed to stea- I mean, collect the station's tax dues