/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/grand_finaleA big final event to run when you complete seven rituals
/datum/antagonist/wizard_prank_vendettaAntag datum to give to people who want to kill the wizard. This doesn't preclude other people choosing to want to kill the wizard, just these people are rewarded for it.
/datum/grand_finale/usurpBecome the official Captain of the station
/datum/outfit/job/wizard_captainAn outfit which replaces parts of a wizard's clothes with captain's clothes but keeps the robes
/datum/grand_finale/clownDress the crew as magical clowns
/datum/mood_event/clown_worldClown enjoyers who are effected by this become ecstatic, they have achieved their life's dream. This moodlet is equivalent to the one for simply being a traitor.
/datum/grand_finale/magicGive everyone magic items
/datum/grand_finale/all_accessOpen all of the doors
/datum/grand_finale/midasCompletely transform the station
/datum/grand_finale/armageddonKill yourself and probably a bunch of other people