/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/hallucination/battleBattle hallucination, makes it sound like a melee or gun battle is going on in the background.
/datum/hallucination/battle/gunSubtype of battle hallucination for gun based battles, where it sounds like someone is being shot.
/datum/hallucination/battle/gun/disablerGun battle hallucination that sounds like disabler fire.
/datum/hallucination/battle/gun/laserGun battle hallucination that sounds like laser fire.
/datum/hallucination/battle/stun_prodA hallucination of someone being hit with a stun prod, followed by cable cuffing.
/datum/hallucination/battle/harm_batonA hallucination of someone being stun batonned, and subsequently harmbatonned.
/datum/hallucination/battle/e_swordA hallucination of someone unsheathing an energy sword, going to town, and sheathing it again.
/datum/hallucination/battle/bombA hallucination of a syndicate bomb ticking down.