/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/plant_genePlant gene datums - things that build and modify a plant or seed.
/datum/plant_gene/reagentReagent genes store a reagent ID and reagent ratio.
/datum/plant_gene/traitTraits that affect the grown product.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/squashAllows the plant to be squashed when thrown or slipped on, leaving a colored mess and trash type item behind.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/glow/whiteColored versions of bioluminescence. White
/datum/plant_gene/trait/glow/yellowYellow (not the disgusting glowshroom yellow hopefully)
/datum/plant_gene/trait/glow/greenGreen (oh no, now i'm radioactive)
/datum/plant_gene/trait/glow/blueBlue (the best one)
/datum/plant_gene/trait/glow/purplePurple (did you know that notepad++ doesnt think bioluminescence is a word) (was the person who wrote this using notepad++ for dm?)
/datum/plant_gene/trait/maxchemA plant trait that causes the plant's capacity to double.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/repeated_harvestAllows a plant to be harvested multiple times.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/smokeExplodes into reagent-filled smoke when squashed.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/fire_resistanceMakes the plant and its seeds fireproof. From lavaland plants.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/invasiveInvasive spreading lets the plant jump to other trays, and the spreading plant won't replace plants of the same type.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/brewingA plant trait that causes the plant's food reagents to ferment instead.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/juicingSimilar to auto-distilling, but instead of brewing the plant's contents it juices it.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/plant_laughterPlays a laughter sound when someone slips on it. Like the sitcom component but for plants. Just like slippery skin, if we have a trash type this only functions on that. (Banana peels)
/datum/plant_gene/trait/eyesA plant trait that causes the plant to gain aesthetic googly eyes.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/stickyMakes the plant embed on thrown impact.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/chem_heatingThis trait automatically heats up the plant's chemical contents when harvested. This requires nutriment to fuel. 1u nutriment = 25 K.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/chem_coolingThis trait is the opposite of above - it cools down the plant's chemical contents on harvest. This requires nutriment to fuel. 1u nutriment = -5 K.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/never_mutatePrevents species mutation, while still allowing wild mutation harvest and Floral Somatoray species mutation. Trait acts as a tag for hydroponics.dm to recognise.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/stable_statsPrevents stat mutation caused by instability. Trait acts as a tag for hydroponics.dm to recognise.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/preservedTraits for flowers, makes plants not decompose.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/plant_typePlant type traits. Incompatible with one another.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/plant_type/weed_hardyWeeds don't get annoyed by weeds in their tray.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/plant_type/fungal_metabolismMushrooms need less light and have a minimum yield.
/datum/plant_gene/trait/plant_type/alien_propertiesCurrently unused and does nothing. Appears in strange seeds.