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/mob/living/basic/carp/holographicHolographic carp from the holodeck
/mob/living/basic/carp/petPet carp, abstract carp which just holds some shared properties.
/mob/living/basic/carp/pet/liaLia - Sometimes the pet of the Head of Security. Has a lot more health than a normal carp because she's meant to be a mildly more threatening pet to have to assassinate than an aging corgi.
RARE_CAYENNE_CHANCEBoosted chance for Cayenne to be silver
/mob/living/basic/carp/pet/cayenneCayenne - Loyal member of the nuclear operatives. Spawns in the nuke op shuttle, can be made sapient if they want to do that for some reason. Is very talented and also capable of holding the nuclear disk.
/mob/living/basic/carp/ellaCarp-parasite from carpellosis disease
/mob/living/basic/carp/passiveWild carp that just vibe ya know

Define Details


Boosted chance for Cayenne to be silver