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/datum/action/cooldown/mob_cooldown/projectile_attack/magicarp_boltHolder ability simply for "firing a projectile with a cooldown". Probably won't do anything if assigned via VV unless you also VV in a projectile for it.
/datum/action/cooldown/mob_cooldown/projectile_attack/magicarp_bolt/chaosChaos variant picks one from a list
/datum/action/cooldown/mob_cooldown/lesser_carp_riftTeleport a short distance and leave a short-lived portal for people to follow through
/obj/effect/temp_visual/lesser_carp_riftIf you touch the entrance you are teleported to the exit, exit doesn't do anything
/obj/effect/temp_visual/lesser_carp_rift/entranceIf you touch this you are taken to the exit
/obj/effect/temp_visual/lesser_carp_rift/exitDoesn't actually do anything, just a visual marker
/obj/effect/temp_visual/lesser_carp_rift_dissipatingJust an animation