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/datum/ai_planning_subtree/basic_melee_attack_subtree/magicarpAs basic attack tree but interrupt if your health gets low or if your spell is off cooldown
/datum/ai_behavior/basic_melee_attack/magicarpInterrupt your attack chain if: you have a spell, it's not on cooldown, and it has a target
/datum/ai_planning_subtree/find_nearest_magicarp_spell_targetFind a target for the magicarp's spell This gets weird because different spells want different targeting but I didn't want a new ai controller for every different spell
/datum/ai_behavior/find_potential_targets/nearest/magicarpThis subtype only exists because if you queue multiple of the same action with different arguments it deletes their stored arguments
/datum/ai_planning_subtree/targeted_mob_ability/magicarpThen use it on that target