/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/mob/living/simple_animal/hostile/oozeOozes are slime-esque creatures, they are highly gluttonous creatures primarily intended for player controll.
/datum/action/cooldown/metabolicboostThis ability lets the gelatinious ooze speed up for a little bit
/datum/action/consumeThis action lets you consume the mob you're currently pulling. I'M GONNA CONSUUUUUME (this is considered one of the funny memes in the 2019-2020 era)
/datum/action/cooldown/globulesAbility that allows the owner to fire healing globules at mobs, targeting specific limbs.
/obj/projectile/globuleThis projectile embeds into mobs and heals them over time.
/obj/item/mending_globuleThis item is what is embedded into the mob, and actually handles healing of mending globules
/datum/action/cooldown/gel_cocoonThis action lets you put a mob inside of a cacoon that will inject it with some chemicals.