/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/proc/check_zone Convert a PRECISE ZONE into the BODY_ZONE
/proc/ran_zone Return the zone or randomly, another valid zone
/proc/above_neck Would this zone be above the neck
/proc/stars Convert random parts of a passed in message to stars
/proc/stifled For when you're only able to speak a limited amount of words phrase - the string to convert definitive_limit - the amount of words to limit the phrase to, optional
/proc/Gibberish Turn text into complete gibberish!
/proc/shake_camera Shake the camera of the person viewing the mob SO REAL! Takes the mob to shake, the time span to shake for, and the amount of tiles we're allowed to shake by in tiles Duration isn't taken as a strict limit, since we don't trust our coders to not make things feel shitty. So it's more like a soft cap.
/proc/findname Find if the message has the real name of any user mob in the mob_list
/proc/is_special_character Returns TRUE if the game has started and we're either an AI with a 0th law, or we're someone with a special role/antag datum If allow_fake_antags is set to FALSE, Valentines, ERTs, and any such roles with FLAG_FAKE_ANTAG won't pass.
/proc/notify_ghosts Fancy notifications for ghosts
/proc/isAdminObserver Is the passed in mob a ghost with admin powers, doesn't check for AI interact like isAdminGhost() used to
/proc/isAdminGhostAI Is the passed in mob an admin ghost WITH AI INTERACT enabled
/proc/offer_control Offer control of the passed in mob to dead player
/proc/get_path_by_slot Returns a generic path of the object based on the slot
/proc/get_player_client Returns a client from a mob, mind or client