/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/mod/module/storageStorage - Adds a storage component to the suit.
/obj/item/mod/module/jetpackIon Jetpack - Lets the user fly freely through space using battery charge.
/obj/item/mod/module/mouthholeEating Apparatus - Lets the user eat/drink with the suit on.
/obj/item/mod/module/emp_shieldEMP Shield - Protects the suit from EMPs.
/obj/item/mod/module/flashlightFlashlight - Gives the suit a customizable flashlight.
/obj/item/mod/module/dispenserDispenser - Dispenses an item after a time passes.
/obj/item/mod/module/longfallLongfall - Nullifies fall damage, removing charge instead.
/obj/item/mod/module/thermal_regulatorThermal Regulator - Regulates the wearer's core temperature.
/obj/item/mod/module/dna_lockDNA Lock - Prevents people without the set DNA from activating the suit.
/obj/item/mod/module/plasma_stabilizerPlasma Stabilizer - Prevents plasmamen from igniting in the suit
/obj/item/mod/module/hat_stabilizerHat Stabilizer - Allows displaying a hat over the MOD-helmet, à la plasmamen helmets.
/obj/item/mod/module/signlang_radioSign Language Translator - allows people to sign over comms using the modsuit's gloves.