/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/mod/module/springlockSpringlock Mechanism - allows your modsuit to activate faster, but reagents are very dangerous.
/obj/item/mod/module/visor/raveRave Visor - Gives you a rainbow visor and plays jukebox music to you.
/obj/item/mod/module/tannerTanner - Tans you with spraytan.
/obj/item/mod/module/balloonBalloon Blower - Blows a balloon.
/obj/item/mod/module/paper_dispenserPaper Dispenser - Dispenses (sometimes burning) paper sheets.
/obj/item/mod/module/stampStamper - Extends a stamp that can switch between accept/deny modes.
/obj/item/mod/module/atrocinatorAtrocinator - Flips your gravity.