/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/mod/module/health_analyzerHealth Analyzer - Gives the user a ranged health analyzer and their health status in the panel.
/obj/item/mod/module/quick_carryQuick Carry - Lets the user carry bodies quicker.
/obj/item/mod/module/injectorInjector - Gives the suit an extendable large-capacity piercing syringe.
/obj/item/mod/module/organ_throwerOrgan Thrower - Lets you shoot organs, immediately replacing them if the target has the organ manipulation surgery.
/obj/item/mod/module/criminalcapture/patienttransportPatrient Transport - Generates hardlight bags you can put people in.
/obj/item/mod/module/defibrillatorDefibrillator - Gives the suit an extendable pair of shock paddles.
/obj/item/mod/module/thread_ripperThread Ripper - Temporarily rips apart clothing to make it not cover the body.
/obj/item/mod/module/surgical_processorSurgical Processor - Lets you do advanced surgeries portably.