/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/mod/module/magnetic_harnessMagnetic Harness - Automatically puts guns in your suit storage when you drop them.
/obj/item/mod/module/pepper_shouldersPepper Shoulders - When hit, reacts with a spray of pepper spray around the user.
/obj/item/mod/module/holsterHolster - Instantly holsters any not huge gun.
/obj/item/mod/module/megaphoneMegaphone - Lets you speak loud.
/obj/item/mod/module/criminalcaptureCriminal Capture - Generates hardlight bags you can put people in and sinch.
/obj/item/mod/module/dispenser/mirageMirage grenade dispenser - Dispenses grenades that copy the user's appearance.
/obj/item/mod/module/projectile_dampenerProjectile Dampener - Weakens projectiles in range.
/obj/item/mod/module/active_sonarActive Sonar - Displays a hud circle on the turf of any living creatures in the given radius