/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/projectile/bullet/rocketPM9 standard HE rocket
/obj/projectile/bullet/rocket/heapPM9 HEAP rocket - the anti-anything missile you always craved.
/obj/projectile/bullet/rocket/weakPM9 weak rocket - just kind of a failure
/obj/projectile/bullet/rocket/srmSRM-8 Missile - Used by the SRM-8 Exosuit missile rack. Employed by Nuclear Operatives Maulers and Nanotrasen Marauders and Seraphs to kill everything and anyone.
/obj/projectile/bullet/rocket/pepPEP-6 Missile - Used by the PEP-6 Exosuit missile rack. Employed by Roboticists out of spite to put down enemy hereteks, mechanized nuclear operatives, the janitor's hot rod, the clown's 'taxi service', uppity borgs, vengeful ais, doors they don't like, the escape shuttle's hull, and more!