/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/organ/externalSystem for drawing organs with overlays. These overlays are drawn directly on the bodypart, attached to a person or not Works in tandem with the /datum/sprite_accessory datum to generate sprites Unlike normal organs, we're actually inside a persons limbs at all times
/obj/item/organ/external/hornsThe horns of a lizard!
/obj/item/organ/external/frillsThe frills of a lizard (like weird fin ears)
/obj/item/organ/external/snoutGuess what part of the lizard this is?
/obj/item/organ/external/antennaeA moth's antennae
/datum/bodypart_overlay/mutant/antennaeMoth antennae datum, with full burning functionality
/obj/item/organ/external/pod_hairThe leafy hair of a podperson
/datum/bodypart_overlay/mutant/pod_hairPodperson bodypart overlay, with special coloring functionality to render the flowers in the inverse color