/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


This DMAPI implements bridge requests using HTTP GET requests to TGS. It has no security restrictions.

  • __interop_version.dm contains the version of the API used between the DMAPI and TGS.
  • _defines.dm contains constant definitions.
  • api.dm contains the bulk of the API code.
  • bridge.dm contains functions related to making bridge requests.
  • chunking.dm contains common function for splitting large raw data sets into chunks BYOND can natively process.
  • commands.dm contains functions relating to /datum/tgs_chat_commands.
  • serializers.dm contains function to help convert interop /datums into a JSON encodable list() format.
  • topic.dm contains functions related to processing topic requests.
  • undefs.dm Undoes the work of _defines.dm.