/tg/ Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/mecha_parts/mecha_equipment/weapon/energyFind our mecha, find the opposite direction. Used for kickback while the mecha is drifting in zero-g to launch us in this direction.
/obj/item/mecha_parts/mecha_equipment/weapon/ballistic/missile_rackMissiles SRM-8 Missile Rack - Used by Nuclear Operatives - Explodes when it hits anything
/obj/item/mecha_parts/mecha_equipment/weapon/ballistic/missile_rack/breachingPEP-6 Missile Rack - Used by Robotics - Explodes only when it hits dense objects like walls, borgs and mechs
/obj/item/mecha_parts/mecha_equipment/weapon/ballistic/launcher/banana_mortar/bombananadark honk weapons
/obj/item/mecha_parts/mecha_equipment/weapon/paddy_clawlong claw of the law