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The colossus spawns randomly wherever a lavaland creature is able to spawn. It is powerful, ancient, and extremely deadly. The colossus has a degree of sentience, proving this in speech during its attacks.

It acts as a melee creature, chasing down and attacking its target while also using different attacks to augment its power that increase as it takes damage.

The colossus' true danger lies in its ranged capabilities. It fires immensely damaging death bolts that penetrate all armor in a variety of ways: A. The colossus fires death bolts in alternating patterns: the cardinal directions and the diagonal directions. B. The colossus fires death bolts in a shotgun-like pattern, instantly downing anything unfortunate enough to be hit by all of them. C. The colossus fires a spiral of death bolts. At 33% health, the colossus gains an additional attack: D. The colossus fires two spirals of death bolts, spinning in opposite directions.

When a colossus dies, it leaves behind a chunk of glowing crystal known as a black box. Anything placed inside will carry over into future rounds. For instance, you could place a bag of holding into the black box, and then kill another colossus next round and retrieve the bag of holding from inside.

Intended Difficulty: Very Hard


colossus_finalFinal attack ability
dir_shotsDirectional shots ability
final_availableHave we used DIE yet?
random_shotsRandom shots ablity
shotgun_blastShotgun blast ability
spiral_shotsSpiral shots ability

Var Details


Final attack ability


Directional shots ability


Have we used DIE yet?


Random shots ablity


Shotgun blast ability


Spiral shots ability