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Ninja Throwing Star

a throwing star which specifically makes sure you know it came from a real ninja.

The most important item in the entire codebase, as without it we would all cease to exist. Inherits everything that makes it interesting the stamina throwing star, but the most important change made is that its name specifically has the prefix, 'ninja' in it. This provides the detective role with information to play off of by ensuring that his assumption that a space ninja is aboard the ship to be true when he find 20 of these in the captain's back. Along with this, its throwforce is 10 instead of the 5 of the stamina throwing star, meaning it'll do a little more damage than the stamina throwing star does as well. Changes to this item need to be approved by all maintainers, so if you do change it, make sure you go through the proper channels, lest you get permabanned. Do I make myself clear?